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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

You know it's a bad day-

When before 10 AM, you discover that you might have spent one command's money to modify another command's airplanes and that there are people calling for your immediate punishment and firing for giving away proprietary data that you didn't give away!

Lucky for me, (so far), the people whose money I misdirected aren't angry and those people that want to see me fired are in the wrong about who gave what to whom. My government management is sticking up for me and my actions and told those angry folks to leave me alone. I've also passed the email chain along to my company manager so that when he gets the email from the angry people, he will already be aware of the situation. There is going to be fallout but with my government supervisor taking the lead against the angry government folks, I might survive unscathed.

I need a drink!

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